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G e o f f r e y     P e a r c e



S y d n e y /C a b r a m a t t a /F a i r f i e l d


O b o e    T e a c h e r




B.Mus ,    L.R.S.M. ,    L.T.C.L. ,    A.T.C.L

Limited opening  for oboe students

I am in the Cabramatta/Fairfield/Liverpool area but will teach outside this for a little extra fee.  I will teach at my place or yours.  Rates :


1/2 Hour $40

3/4 Hour $50

1 Hour $70


Please see my videos on you-tube to do with reed making.




See my page above to order Rouche oboe cane

E V E N T S​

I have had  articles published in Sound and Vision online magazine.   For those interested, please go to



My latest article -  you can view in its entirety at:


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